Published on Thu, Apr 3, 2008
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Cleaner air could be in your future

By Meg Olson

Craig Grossman makes a living out of clean air.

Owner of Allied Bioscience Services (ABS), the Point Roberts resident has been providing a mix of traditional and innovative tools for cleaner indoor air to California and B.C. homes and businesses for over two years.

The business is now expanding to other states in the Pacific Northwest, and Washington is next on the list.

“Our main business has been mold renovation,” Grossman said. Starting with an inspection Grossman said they develop a strategy with the client that involves removal of moldy material and cleaning, followed by treatment with an organic enzyme bundle that “chews the mold up,” dissolving it in areas that otherwise might need to be torn out.

Researchers have also confirmed the product kills residual mold spores, and ABS will guarantee that as long as new moisture doesn’t come into the area it will remain mold-free.

“We tend to be cheaper and much less destructive than other methods,” Grossman said, “and you don’t have people coming into your home with toxic chemicals that can be as bad as the mold itself.”

Grossman is particularly excited about a technology that has been killing smog in Japan and Italy and deodorizing the notoriously smelly New York busses: a coating that makes surfaces act like air purifiers.

“When you first read about this you go ‘yeah, right, just spray it on and it zaps the bad stuff,’ but that’s pretty much it,” Grossman said.

ABS has exclusive rights to new application technology that makes application of a titanium oxide coating affordable. The naturally occurring metal oxide is a photocatalyst: when activated by light it oxidizes organic compounds. “Light charges a particle and you basically have mini-explosions,” Grossman said.

Treated surfaces like walls and counters eliminate pollutants like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air, reduce odors by oxidizing the compounds that cause them, reduce dust accumulation and kill bacteria and viruses that contact them.

“This is the only technology that continues to clean after you’ve cleaned something,” Grossman said. “The only by-products of the reaction are carbon dioxide and water vapor.” The cost of residential application of the coating is $1.25 per square foot of living area.

ABS bundles the titanium oxide coating with a titanium-treated polarizing filter system and full-spectrum light bulbs for their Bioshield Healthy Home program. “Our indoor air quality is deteriorating and we’re isolating ourselves into even more contained areas,” Grossman said. Electronics produce ozone, furniture coatings emit ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons, cooking sends particulates and odors into the air, and more tightly-sealed new homes keep the compounds inside.

“We can make the air inside cleaner than it is outside,” Grossman said. “We’re not making bubbles for people to live in, we’re just making the air cleaner.”

Contact Grossman and ABS at 866/575-8842 or 360/945-1608.