Borerite Report

Published on Thu, Apr 10, 2008
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Borerite Report

School Calendar

April 5-13 No School - Spring Break
April 22-23 H.S. Early Dismissal
April 22-23 H.S. Student-Led Conferences
April 23 Administration Professional’s Day
April 24 Point Roberts Kindergarten Registration 10am
April 26 H.S. Prom
April 28 School Board Meeting - Point Roberts
April 29 H.S. Spring Concert 7pm @ PAC
April 30 Secretary’s Day

May 1 Senior Portfolios Final Due Date
May 3 SJMEA Junior Honor Festival
May 5 No School – Non-Student Day
May 6 National Teacher Day
May 7 School Nurse’s Day
May 11 Mother’s Day
May 14 Book Fair M.S. Library
May 16 Junior Sea to Ski Parade -
7th/8th Grade Band 6pm @ Bham
May 19-20 Senior Oral Boards
May 19-20 H.S. Early Dismissal

Health Counts
Community Conversations

Tuesday, May 6th, 6:30-9:30 pm. Blaine Middle School Cafeteria, 975 “H” Street, Blaine. What health issues matter to you? Share your thoughts: Perhaps you are passionate about water quality, health care access for all, good nutrition, oral health, emergency preparedness plans for the 2010 Olympics, obesity, health and the built environment or another health issue. Register: Simply show up to participate. Sponsored by Whatcom County Health Department, 676-6724


Second Bi-annual Blaine School District Community Math Night. An evening for parents, educators, and business leaders presented by Ruth Parker, Ph.D. Mathematics Education Collaborative (MEC). Date: May 20, 2008, 6 - 8 pm Location: Blaine School District Performing Arts Center (PAC). Dinner: 5:00 – 5:45 p.m., FREE pizza and Pop MS/HS Cafeteria, Door Prizes: Gas cards, Cost Cutter gift certificates, Espresso gift cards, and more. Supervision provided: Birth to 3rd grade

Maintenance and Operations Levy Approval 62.61 %
Thank You Voters For Your Continued Support!

High School

Prom 2008
The High School Prom “Enchanted Evening” will be on Saturday, April 26th in Bellingham at Northwood Hall. The dance will be from 8:30-11:30 p.m.  Tickets will go on sale Monday, April 14th at lunch in the Senior Courtyard. Prices are $25.00 for singles and $50.00 for couples. Colors are black, silver, white and light pink.

Any Junior and their parents wishing to help with setting up the dance can call Diane at 332-1213. Setup will be on Saturday, April 26th at Northwood Hall starting at 9:00a.m.

The Washington Higher Education Coordination Board has selected Kieran Lyons as a Washington Scholar for 2008.  Patrick Mulholland has been selected as an alternate.  Washington scholars are recognized for their excellence in academic achievement, leadership and community activities among the state’s graduating high school seniors.  Scholars are offered full tuition to pay for coursework at the state’s public and independent colleges and universities.  There are only 140 seniors in the state of Washington to be chosen for this honor.

Parents: Please Plan on High School Student-led Conferences
After last year’s celebrated success, the spring “traditional” parent/teacher conferences have been permanently replaced with a student-led format for grades 9 through 12. Over 85% of the high school parents attended their children’s presentations last year, which were the first ever. Over 90% of the parents overwhelmingly approved the change. Parents and guests enjoyed hearing their children’s presentations and learning more about their children’s choices throughout the year and about their detailed career plans, and in some cases their improvement plans to get back on track. This improved format is one that engages the students in making careful decisions and involves parents in their child’s important course selections. Conference days are April 22 and April 23, and both will be noon early release days, with conferences from 1:00 to 8:00 on April 22 and 1:00 to 6:00 on April 23. Students in 9 through 12 will meet in the cafeteria and present before their parent(s), invited guests and their advisor at prearranged times at individual tables. All students, along with their parents’ approval, will be selecting their individual presentation times during their upcoming advisory meetings. Student presentations will not exceed 20 minutes, and they are required to present their portfolios.

The presentations for grades 9 through 12 will focus on three topics: (1) Academic Development: What have I accomplished this year? (2) Career Development: What do I want to do in the future? (3) Personal and Social Development: Who I am.

Additional topics for the seniors include specific 13th year plans; admissions and scholarship efforts; Senior Project reflections; work samples and other senior-year accomplishments; highlights of senior year activities, sports, and clubs; and timeline to graduation. This presentation is not the same as the Senior Boards coming in May, which is more formal and before a panel of judges and focuses largely on senior projects, portfolios, and post-secondary education.

Road Less Graveled Conference

Mr. Shockey took a group of young women to “The Road Less Graveled” at Bellingham Technical College on Friday, March 21.  The Road Less Graveled Conference provides a unique opportunity for high school students to hear first hand from women who are nontraditional role models in information technology, construction, mechanical and electrical trades as well as uniformed professionals (medics, fire fighters, and police officers), apprentices and identified health occupations fields. The information and resources, as well as the personal accounts from the presenters, enable women of all ages to explore the variety of career options available. Local women employed in a variety of nontraditional careers will address questions about how to enter and succeed in technical and trade-related occupations. In many cases young women have not considered these jobs in their career explorations.

This conference is especially valuable to girls interested in classes in CAD/CAM, Engineering Design, all facets of the Construction Industry, Web, Design, Computer Maintenance, Agriculture, Computer Networking, Manufacturing Technology, and Process Technology.

Middle School

Regional History Day Contest
The Regional History Day contest was held Saturday, March 15 at Western Washington University.  Blaine Middle School had 13 participants in the junior division (grades 6-8). Kaleb Van Rijswijck and Justin Belding won second place for their group exhibit entitled “Missouri Compromise: Conflict Over Slavery”. This qualifies them to enter the state contest May 3. The top qualifiers at state will go on to the finals at the University of Maryland campus near Washington D.C. in June. By the way, the state contest at the University of Washington, will be held on Saturday, April 26. Both Kaleb and Justin will be attending.

Elementary & Primary School

Third Graders View of Blaine & Birch Bay
by Alfonso Dermendziev
Blaine is the best place to live. My brother and I like to go to the skate park. There are small ramps that I sometimes ride. Kyle and I like to go on the half pipe and ride on half pipe. When it is summer my sister and I go to the waterslides for free because she works there! Me and my brother like going to the small pools and we play marco polo with his friend. Kyle and I like to go to the kiddy pool because its fun and not that much people go in it. My mom and I like to go to woods. My mom and I like to see the big trees and the small trees. My mom and I love the smell of trees. Dad and I went to then bowling alley. My dad and I think it’s fun to play because I always win. Dad thinks it’s a long drive there but I don’t think so. Alex and my sister always loose against me because I am the best. I like living in Blaine.

by Cameron Johnson
There are a number of reasons why I like Blaine. The Water Slides is a favorite place to be in the summer. If I’m cold, I go in the hot tub, also because I don’t know how to swim! They have enormous slides that are about 100-400 ft. high. I also go to the beach with my friend. I usually find sparkly rocks when I’m looking for treasures. I also find rare rocks with wicked patterns. We both have our own forts or shop, we sell glass, wood, and sticks, sea shells are our beach money. I go to the C Shop in the summer a lot. They sell lots of candy and chocolate. They have snow cones and I always pick lemon-lime. My favorite restaurant is Bobs Burger and Brew. They have good food and have my favorite chicken burgers! They have a cool bathroom with only basic automatic stuff. They have an automatic soap thingy and an automatic paper towel thingy! Blaine is a good place to live!

“Disney’s TheJungle Book Kids”
You are cordially invited to the Combined Blaine Elementary and Primary School Drama Club’s production of “Disney’s The Jungle Book Kids.” Come enjoy our near 70 member cast and their Fast-Paced, Toe-tapping, Skit-Skattin’ Salute to Disney and Rudyard Kipling! Fun for All Ages! Friday April 4, 2008 at 7:00 pm in the Blaine Performing Arts Center (PAC) Admission is free for this 40 minute musical. Come join us for a special Spring Break Send-Off Treat! Call 332-1300 for more information or directions to the PAC

Grand Canyon
How was the Grand Canyon formed? We’re finding out! Mrs. Gallaher’s fifth graders are currently studying processes that change the surface of the earth. By creating models of the surface of the earth, they can investigate how wind and water can cause erosion of earth materials and deposit them down stream, creating beautiful landforms such as the Grand Canyon.