Birch Bay man arrested in pot bust

Published on Thu, Jul 24, 2008
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Birch Bay man arrested in pot bust

Charges are pending with the Whatcom County prosecutor’s office against Birch Bay resident Gerald Victor Noelle.

Deputy prosecuting attorney Jim Hulbert said that he intends to file one count of manufacturing a controlled substance, namely marijuana, against Noelle after sheriff’s deputies found 23 pot plants growing in a closet in his house on July 15.

The charge is a class “C” felony carrying a maximum penalty of five years in jail.

After a neighbor reported hearing grunting and yelling coming from the house deputies arrived to find Noelle choking and spitting up a white liquid, and they flew him to St. Joseph Hospital that night.

When deputies entered the house they smelled marijuana, got a search warrant and eventually found it and some other drug-related paraphernalia in a closet. Whatcom County sheriff Bill Elfo said at the time that when the man recovers he would be charged.