Jerns-McKinney offers green services

Published on Thu, Jul 31, 2008 by Tara Nelson

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Jerns-McKinney offers green services

By Tara Nelson

For those who spend their lives committed to environmentally friendly practices, preserving green spaces and reducing consumption of fossil fuels, can now continue that legacy even from beyond the grave.
Jerns-McKinney Funeral Chapel in Blaine recently introduced a line of environmentally-friendly funeral services.

“Environmentally friendly caskets and urns are made from a variety of woven materials, including recycled paper, willow, sea grass and bamboo,” said Brad Bytnar, owner of Jerns-McKinney. “These allow the deceased to be returned to earthly elements through natural decomposition.”

While urns may be buried in the ground or taken out to sea, some are not comfortable with cremation, Bytnar said, because it uses non-renewable fossil fuels. It’s estimated that the amount of fuel consumed by cremation each year in the United States is equivalent to a car making 84 trips to the moon.

Another obstacle to green burials has been that traditional cemeteries require caskets to be placed in an outer burial container that protects the casket and prevents natural decomposition of the deceased.

“With green burials, we also can use unobtrusive grave markers like trees, native shrubs or engraved native stones that don’t intrude with the natural landscape,” Bytnar said. “Instead, they eventually create a beautiful living memorial and nature preserve.”

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