Prosecutor admits mistake in local larceny case

Published on Thu, Aug 14, 2008
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Prosecutor admits mistake in local larceny case

Felony theft charges against Charles Green were dismissed without prejudice in superior court last week on the recommendation of Whatcom County deputy prosecuting attorney Christopher Quinn, who said that the charges should never have been filed.

Green had been charged with larceny after he was arrested while trying to cross the U.S./Canadian border at the Peace Arch Port of Entry last month for failure to appear in court.

Court documents allege that Green collected a little over $2,000 in rent and damage deposits for a rental property purchased by Phil and Billie Whiteman in August of 2005, but the money was never deposited into their account.

“It came to our attention that full restitution had been made about a year ago,” said Quinn, “and [Phil and Billie Whiteman] told us that they did not wish to proceed with criminal charges.

I then made the appropriate decision that, in the interests of justice, the charges should be dropped.”