WhatcomCounts.org a wealth of online resources

Published on Thu, Aug 21, 2008
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WhatcomCounts.org a wealth of online resources

Finding information about local organizations just got easier.
The Whatcom Coalition for Healthy Communities and the Bellingham Public Library recently partnered to consolidate information about nonprofit and government organizations into the local resources section of www.WhatcomCounts.org.

“The library system is retiring the Whatcom Information Network (WIN),” said Jane Lowrey, community services librarian. “WIN’s list of 1,000-plus community organizations, and more, can now be found in the local resources section of WhatcomCounts.org.”

For more than 10 years the library maintained WIN with descriptions and contact information for local nonprofit, governmental and social service organizations. Lowrey said merging the WIN listings with WhatcomCounts.org Local Resources helps reach the Bellingham Public Library’s mission to give patrons access to free and impartial information. Lowrey also serves on the WhatcomCounts.org’s advisory committee.

WhatcomCounts.org is replacing WIN not only as the primary local resources database for the Bellingham Public Library system, but also for all Whatcom County Libraries.

A project of the Whatcom Coalition for Healthy Communities, WhatcomCounts.org provides a nonpartisan, impartial, one-stop source to “Click, Learn, Act” to improve community health.

“Each month, more than 3,000 grant writers, decision-makers, students, community activists and others use WhatcomCounts.org as their source for data, reports and resources,” said Elizabeth Jennings, Coalition executive director.

WhatcomCounts.org is supported by St. Joseph Hospital / PeaceHealth, Whatcom County public health, City of Bellingham, United Way of Whatcom County, Port of Bellingham, Western Washington University, Boeing Employees Fund, and St. Luke’s Foundation.

For more information about adding or updating Local Resource listings, see “contribute content” at WhatcomCounts.org.

While the library and coalition have partnered to connect people to information and opportunities for action, the Opportunity Council has announced the launch of a new online portal connecting those in need with the service providers that can help them.

Low-income people and individuals in need of services can get help by visiting their website at www.NWCommunityResources.org.
“This is a great tool for anyone who wants to know more about local services that are available to help them,” said Shawn Collins, Opportunity Council outreach and development coordinator.

“It’s a complementary partnership,” said Jennings. “The library and WhatcomCounts.org connect people to opportunities to learn and act to improve community health, and the Opportunity Council’s Northwest Community Resources connect people to the help they need.”