Blaine man earns presidential award

Published on Thu, Sep 25, 2008 by ara Nelson

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Blaine man earns presidential award

By Tara Nelson

A Blaine man has been recognized by the President’s Council as well as the city of Blaine for his efforts to keep Drayton Harbor clean.
Drayton Harbor Community Oyster Farm owner Geoff Menzies was awarded the President’s volunteer service award by the Environmental Protection Agency.

President George W. Bush created the service award to encourage Americans to volunteer at least 4,000 hours or two years during the course of their lives.

Menzies was also the recipient of the Blaine Builder Award for September.

Blaine mayor Bonnie Onyon said Menzies has volunteered for more than 18 years and also worked with the Drayton Harbor Shellfish Protection District’s citizen advisory committee, which worked to help target non-point source pollution.

“He has done some really hard work in terms of water quality in Drayton Harbor, voluntary service to cleaning up and protecting water quality in Blaine. More than 18 years,” she said. “No one has done more to educate the community about long-term environmental health. In addition, he has provided his boat for a range of field trips.”