Birch Bay and Blaine citizens here's a chance to make your wishes known.

Published on Thu, Oct 2, 2008 by Terry Johnston

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Birch Bay and Blaine citizens here's a chance to make your wishes known.

By Terry Johnston

During the months of August and September, the commissioners of Northwest park and Recreation District 2, along with their consultant Paul Koch, have been working with citizens of the district in the development of a master plan.

Citizens input at these meetings will establish the guidelines for park locations, water access, trails, and recreation activities etc for the future years.

The first type of these meetings was comprised of members appointed by the commissioners to a steering committee. The first task was to help the consultant find ways of involving more citizens in this planning process. A flier was developed and distributed in the community, and was inserted in The Northern Light. Numerous articles appeared in The Northern Light regarding the community meetings.

The first community meeting was Monday September 22nd at the Blaine Elementary School. The second meeting will be this Thursday at 7 P.M. at the primary school multi purpose room at 7P.M.

The 46 members in attendance at the first steering committee compiled a long list of wants and desires, and these were broken down into subgroups. These groups are being a signed to task forces made up of members from the community. The commissioners need your help in the success of these task forces. Therefore we encourage everyone with in the district boundaries to become involved.

The Northwest Park and Recreation District 2 boundaries encompass the Blaine Unified School District with the exception of Point Roberts. If you live in Birch Bay or Blaine this is your park district. By getting involved you assure your wishes are included in the planning process. We do not want to leave out any one segment within the park and recreation district boundaries. Why drive to Bellingham for activities we can provide here. Remember this is your district, and what happens can be governed by your thoughts and actions.