Yard of the Week

Published on Thu, May 14, 2009
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By Debbie Harger
City of Blaine

Blaine Yard of The Week winners Don and Laurie Hart of 145 10th Street.If you notice cars driving slowly or people strolling by and gawking at your yard it probably is the Blaine is Beautiful Committee on the look out for the most remarkable yards and gardens in the city.

This will be the third year for presenting the Yard of the Week award and they are beginning earlier this year to recognize the beautiful spring gardens that are in bloom. The committee chose Don and Laurie Hart at 145 10th Street this week as the first Yard of the Week of the season. 

The award is for yards that are within the city limits of Blaine. All types of gardening efforts including container gardens, flower boxes, vegetable gardens, rock or water gardens, or any type of landscaping that creates beauty visible from the street will be considered. This year there will also be recognition for commercial businesses and multi-family residential landscaping.

The committee will do a drive-by tour of the yards that are nominated to select the Yard of the Week award. The award winner will be honored with a Blaine is Beautiful sandwich board sign, a certificate, as well as recognition in The Northern Light. 

The awards will be presented from May 14 through September 17. The Blaine is Beautiful Committee members for 2009 are Paul Atchison, June Auld, Bob Hendricks, Sue Cushman, Sandy Miller and Renate Tomsic.

To make a nomination, contact Debbie Harger at Blaine City Hall 543-9982.