County adopts 25 mph limit for Birch Bay Drive

Published on Thu, May 28, 2009 by Jack Kintner

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Whatcom County Council unanimously adopted a year-round speed limit of 25 mph for all of Birch Bay Drive, from Point Whitehorn to the Birch Bay Drive-Shintaffer Road intersection.

Permanent 25 mph speed limits were also adopted at its May 26 meeting for the quarter-mile stretch of Harborview Road south of Forsberg, on Shintaffer Road from the beach up the hill to Anderson Road, on Anderson Road between Shintaffer and Harborview, on Alderson Road from the beach east to East Loft Lane, just west of the entrance to Bay Horizon Park, and on Jackson Road north from Bay Road to the beach.

According to Robin Kline of Whatcom County Planning and Development Services, Birch Bay Drive ends and Birch Point Road begins at the new intersection just east of Selder Road that was built last year to accommodate an anticipated diagonal connector to Semiahmoo Parkway.

The council’s action makes the year around speed limit 35 mph from that point west on Birch Point Road to Semiahmoo Drive.

Dora Lee Booth, whose Cottonwood Reach home is on Birch Bay Drive, was the facilitator for the area’s speed limit task force. “We’re pleased with the result,” she said. “This will calm the traffic. It’s hard with the variable speed limits to change people’s driving habits when the limit would drop, but now with cars going slower all year people will come back out on the drive.

“Since [Birch Bay] doesn’t have a grid of streets there’s no back way into anything. We all use Birch Bay Drive.”