Save a Life with Less Than an Hour of Your Time

Published on Mon, Jul 6, 2009
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Your 1 blood donation can benefit up to 3 patients in community hospitals
Prevent shortages in the community blood supply, please donate at the
Stafholt Good Samaritan Center Blood Drive
Wednesday, July 8
9:00 – 11:30 AM & 12:30 – 2:30 PM
In the Parking Lot
To schedule an appointment contact Marsha Hawkins at or 332-8733
Did you know that….
• Your 1 blood donation is separated into red blood cells, platelets and plasma and can help up to 3 patients.
• 900 people must donate blood each weekday to meet the needs of patients in western Washington hospitals.
• There is an 80% chance that you will need a blood transfusion some time in your life and if you do the blood will be there for you thanks to blood drives like this one.
• There is no upper age limit to donating blood.
• People with diabetes can donate, if their condition is under control by diet, exercise or insulin.
• After your blood donation your body begins to replace the donated blood cells immediately.
• You can donate red blood cells every 56 days.
• After your blood donation you can relax and eat as many cookies and drink as much juice as you want!