Blaine man seeks help for injured dog

Published on Wed, Aug 26, 2009 by Tara Nelson

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A Blaine man is asking for help with nearly $4,000 in vet bills. His toy poodle service dog was attacked and injured by a dog owned by a Canadian man.

Ed Parris said his dog, “Red Boy” was attacked by a doberman pincer at Peace Arch State Park on August 16 and sustained several fractures, bites and bruises.

Parris said he saw the dog running toward him and he picked Red Boy off the ground but the doberman dived at him knocking him over and ripping the dog from his arms. Parris said he had to fight the dog off and then chased him across the park where his owner was. The owner of the doberman later said he was a Canadian citizen and therefore wasn’t required to pay Parris for his dog’s injuries.

The dog was taken to Veterinary Specialty Center in Lynnwood where it was treated. Doctors at the center said the dog recieved surgery for his fractured bones and that the total bill was $3,987. Individuals interested in donating can visit