Green is the new trend in home decor

Published on Wed, Sep 16, 2009
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As Americans spend more time at home, it’s no surprise homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their at-home surroundings. This season, there is an array of new trends in home decor to help on that quest.

From new lighting options to fashionable rugs and eco-friendly countertops, manufacturers are introducing novel home furnishings built against the latest trends.

Eco-friendly design

Demand for eco-friendly home furnishings is at an all-time high. According to a survey by Information Resources, half of all U.S. consumers consider at least one eco-friendly factor when shopping for consumer products.

Manufacturers are responding with more green options, from water-saving shower heads to countertops made of recycled materials.  

“One area attracting a lot of attention is LED lighting, an ultra energy-efficient light source that uses 75 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent sources and lasts up to 50 times longer,” said Jeff Dross, senior product manager for Kichler Lighting. “Homeowners and interior designers alike are really embracing our LED under-cabinet fixtures and LED rail lights, which emit a white light, save on electricity bills and last as many as 20 years.”

Casual and contemporary

More time at home means people are opting for comfortable and casual furnishings, not the ornamental staples of yesteryear. This also means homeowners are attracted to contemporary styles, especially as baby boomers migrate to smaller, contemporary homes or condos and Generation X homeowners stray from traditional designs. Home furnishing staples are following suit.


Homeowners looking to make big statements with simple changes can invest in eye-catching lighting fixtures. This season there are plenty of new styles, including elongated linear chandeliers that complement rectangle-shaped dining room tables, kitchen islands and even the long farmhouse kitchen tables currently in vogue.

Heavily patterned rugs

Hardwood floors continue to shine, so area rugs are making a comeback. Heavily patterned rugs with bold prints and geometric patterns will become the focal point of many living spaces.

Made in America

Given the state of the economy, many are purchasing American-made dishes, sofas, rugs and more. The manufacturers behind these products are making sure they stand out by building in eye-catching, artistic elements.

Textured wall coverings

From tiled back splashes to the return of wallpaper and textured paint applications, walls are becoming more than room dividers.

As walls make bolder statements, surrounding furnishings are assuming more basic, clean designs. Lamps are featuring soft, single-hued fabric shades. Throw pillows are sporting elemental patterns, and even small details like
photo frames are becoming more basic.

This season it’ll be easier than ever to sit back and relax in your own living space, and even small changes will have big payoffs. Start with simple lighting changes to enhance the style, texture and beauty of your existing decor. Then incorporate a few of new trend-forward products, and your house really will feel like a home.