Crews begin work on Birch Bay Drive near Point Whitehorn

Published on Wed, Jan 6, 2010 by Emily Resch, Birch Bay Water & Sewer District

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Birch Bay Water and Sewer District is preparing to replace an existing sewer force main with new piping and related work.

The existing sewer force main is 35 years old, must be replaced for continued safe operation, and is not large enough to provide capacity for anticipated growth in the district.

The project area includes work along the sewer district office access road, in the intersection of Point Whitehorn Road and Birch Bay Drive, and continuing north and east along Birch Bay Drive to the intersection of Cotterill
Boulevard and Maple Street. 

As part of the project, the existing wastewater pump station located near Birch Bay State Park boat launch will be relocated to a point inside the gate to the district office and treatment plant.  

Work began last December with delivery of pipe and continue for the next few months. Excavation is presently scheduled to begin in late January with final restoration scheduled for completion in April, 2010.

The work includes placement of a temporary sewer force main above ground along the roadway until the new pipes are placed in service.

During construction, emergency access will be available at all times. Single-lane closures and detours will be implemented where necessary to allow efficient construction progress.

 Access will be available to all properties along Birch Bay Drive but street parking may be limited at times.
Birch Bay Drive will be closed through the State Park at times but access will be available through the park from Helweg Road during those times. The district is coordinating school bus access with the school district.

Water and sewer service will be maintained at all times throughout the construction project to all connected property. If water or service to your property must be interrupted for a short time for construction activity, residents will be notified in advance, to the extent feasible.

Water service could, at times, be interrupted due to emergency situations. The district will get the service restored as quickly as possible.

For more information, call district engineer Dan Eisses, at 360/371-7100.