Several Blaine parks to receive upgrades

Published on Wed, Mar 17, 2010 by Joan Clark

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The Blaine parks and cemetery board is working to improve your parks and informing and updating citizens as to parks happenings. 

New developments

A new waterfront access and kayak put-in is a work in progress on shores of Dakota Creek.  A citizen’s work party will be held later in the spring. To participate in the work party call Alex Wenger at 332-8311. Partial funding for this project was provided by our partners, the Northwest Park and Recreation District 2.

Skateboard park

The Blaine skateboard park is going through a facelift. The deteriorated wooden ramps have been removed and new steel ramps are being ordered.

The powder coated steel ramps have a 20-year warranty and should hold up to lots of riding. We hope our skaters think this is a really cool first phase even though we’re sure “cool” is not cool any more – you get the idea.

Brickyard Park

The parks board has held a neighborhood meeting with residents in the Brickyard neighborhood to gain their input on amenities for “Brickyard Park.” The finalization of this plan will occur at the parks board meeting March 18, where any further input from the residents will be welcome.

Montfort Park

Those of you who are embracing spring walkabouts will find new viewing sites in Montfort Park. 

There is a small public parking lot at the south end of Bayview Avenue Park on the left and enter the trail system.
The park entrance is just south of the parking area. You can turn left and walk along a wetland area (look for the mallard ducks) and out to Dodd Street, crossing Dodd onto a new trail through another wetland. 

If you had turned right upon entering Montfort Park and walked west towards the water, you would find a new park bench and a spectacular cleared viewing area, excellent for watching the sunset or bird watching. When you are in the park be sure to look up. 

If the tide is in, you will spot the many herons that roost in the conifers spread throughout the park.  When the tide is out, notice the herons out feeding at the tide lines plus as you peer over the bank, looking at the near shore you will notice all the shore birds, the sandpipers, turnstones and dunlins. Walking along Montfort Avenue you will usually be able to spot a bald eagle perched in the larger trees.

Please enjoy all your local parks.

For additional information, contact Alex Wenger with Community Development Services by emailing or attend any parks board meeting at 3:15 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month at city hall.