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Published on Wed, Apr 14, 2010 by Debby Farmer

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“Communities Thrive At Your Library,” is this year’s theme for National Library Week, April 11 through 17.  Those entering the Blaine public library can attest that informational, educational and recreational needs are met by the vast array of resources the library provides.  Even during tough economic times, individuals can flourish with the aid of library materials and continue to contribute in making Blaine a thriving community.

The library as a vibrant hub has attracted tens of  thousands over the years, and the wear and tear on the facility is beginning to show.  The City of Blaine has recognized this, and as a city-owned building is taking seriously the deteriorating 21-year-old carpeting and its need of replacement.  The Friends of the Library are also taking note of the equally dated circulation desk and lack of adequate storage in an increasingly demanding staff work area.

As a result of many varied efforts, the library will be closed Thursday, April 22 through Wednesday, April 28, for new carpet and cabinetry installation.  These projects are being funded by the city and the Friends of the Library - not with library levy funds, which were strictly earmarked for the continuance of current service level operations.

This massive undertaking will be done in stages, first clearing the central area and children’s wing, by moving all shelving and materials, furniture, computers, etc. into the north end of the building.  The old carpet will be removed and the new carpet installed.  Then everything will be put back in place, the contents of the north end will be moved into the children’s area and meeting room, and the process repeated.  Finally, the circulation desk and staff area computers, shelving and contents will be put into place.

During the library closure, patrons will be able to return items to the outside drop. Operations will be limited however, with staff using a single laptop computer and working in a very small area.  Consequently, we would ask if possible, that you not return items until the library reopens.  Another option is to return your library materials to any of the other Whatcom County Library branches or drop box at the Bay Center Market in Birch Bay.  You may also call another branch or go online to renew your items.  

Requested items will be held an additional week and will be available for check-out once the library has reopened.  An added bonus will be visits by the Bookmobile on Friday, April 23, 9 a.m. to Noon, and Monday, April 26, 3 to 6 p.m.  Requested items will be available for pickup and you’ll be able to browse the Bookmobile’s collection for additional items to check-out.

We appreciate your patience during the coming weeks and look forward to seeing you when we reopen the doors on Thursday, April 29.

The Blaine library is located at 610 Third Street and can be reached by calling 332-8146.