County offers septic training classes

Published on Wed, Apr 21, 2010
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The Whatcom County health department has scheduled several classes that will certify most homeowners to complete evaluations of their own septic systems.

The homeowner training classes currently consist of a four-hour classroom presentation, which includes information how septic systems operate and covers information required to adequately report the functioning status of an on-site sewage system (OSS).  Information on class dates, times and locations can be found at

Look for the “OSS operation and maintenance homeowner training” link under hot topics and news.  Homeowners who do not have access to the internet can call 676-6724 to register for a class.

As of April 2, 2007, homeowners are required to have an operation and maintenance evaluation of their on-site sewage system once every three years for conventional gravity systems and annually for all other alternative systems. 

By evaluating your system on a routine basis, you can identify and correct any issues that if not addressed, may lead to complete system failure. For more information, call Tammy at 360/421-6838.