County prosecutor seeks reelection

Published on Thu, Jun 3, 2010
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Whatcom County prosecutor Dave McEachran announced he will be seeking reelection to the position of Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney.

McEachran was first elected to the office of prosecuting attorney in 1975, after having served as a deputy prosecutor for two years, and is now completing his ninth term in office.

If elected McEachran said he would continue to focus on the unique geographical problems of living near I-5, which he called a “major thoroughfare” and the Canadian border.

“We see many people with criminal backgrounds who are traveling to the international border to leave the country. Often they are denied entry into Canada and end up in Whatcom County. These people have caused a variety of crimes ranging from thefts to homicides. We also have a brisk trade in drug smuggling from Canada to the United States and from the United States to Canada.”

McEachran is presently serving as the chairman of the Forensic Investigations Council after having been appointed to the council by governor Gregoire, which oversees the state toxicology laboratory and the state crime laboratory system. McEachran has also served as the president of the Washington State Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, has been a member of the board of trustees of that organization.