Blaine considers student representation

Published on Thu, Jul 8, 2010 by By Jeremy Schwartz

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The Blaine school board will add student representation to their board of directors, they announced during their regular meeting Monday, June 28.

Superintendent Ron Spanjer said his discussions with Blaine high school juniors and seniors in mid-June made him confident that a student would be a valuable asset to the board.

The proposed student member would have the same privileges as the other board members excluding voting and making motions.

Spanjer said student representation would allow students to effectively express their concerns to the board and serve as a unique leadership opportunity for the student representative.

In other school district news, Chelly Rody, the head of the Kids Class program in the district, presented a year-end report on the program at its regular monthly meeting.

Rody said the 32 kindergarten students enrolled in the program  for the 2009-2010 school year showed vast improvement on 100-point assessment tests.

For the last three years, the Kids Class program has provided additional support in reading, writing and math to kindergarten children through smaller classes held after normal school hours.

Roddy stressed the children in the program not only showed improved test scores but also much higher levels of confidence in their ability. Federally funded, the program continues next year.