Notes from the Blaine senior center

Published on Wed, Nov 3, 2010
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The Blaine senior center hosts regular free creative writing classes for members.

Here, local resident Cindylee Olson takes a look at a withered blackberry bush branch in this five-minute quick write.
Last of the Season
The last few blackberries of the fall,
fighting to ripen on their sharp
prickly vine,
even if they do turn black
will be so sour.
Reminds me of defiance.
They don’t want to admit defeat,
taking so long to ripen.
 The first ones of the season
are so sweet
they burst with flavor in
your mouth almost like a song.
But these will taste more like
medicine to a sick child.
They remind me of ugly
step sisters
with long snaggely fingernails,

wanting to tear and snag your skin.