Man runs naked through Custer

Published on Wed, Mar 2, 2011 by By Jeremy Schwartz

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A Custer man broke into a home east of Birch Bay last week all while under the influence of drugs, covered in mud and nearly naked, a Whatcom County sheriff’s deputy alleged.

A resident living in the 4300 block of Arnie Road called 911 around 1:45 p.m. on February 23, after 21-year-old Andrew Fisher, of Custer, showed up at his home dressed only in his underwear, covered in mud, and making “little sense,” sergeant Scott Huso said.

Fisher had broken into a neighboring house by the time sheriff’s deputies arrived. The officers attempted to use their Tasers on Fisher twice as he climbed out a window attempting to escape. Fisher then ran into a field; by this time, he was completely naked, Huso said.

Deputies caught up to Fisher, who had been bloodied and scratched from his flight through the field. He was taken to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Upon Fisher’s release from the hospital, Huso said he will be arrested and booked into county jail on suspicion of two counts of residential burglary, resisting arrest, and a department of corrections warrant.