County seeking bids for Lincoln Road

Published on Thu, Mar 31, 2011 by By Jeremy Schwartz

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Whatcom County public works has gone out for bid for the Lincoln Road improvement project as the Birch Bay Water and District prepares to do its own work on a waterline running beneath the road.

District assistant manager Dan Eisses said he’s working on three bids for the waterline replacement project that the county wants completed before county crews start work on Lincoln Road on May 1. Eisses said about $150,000 in district funds have been budgeted for the project.

County public works will widen Lincoln Road between Harborview and Shintaffer to 12-foot lanes with 8-foot paved shoulders. Dedicated left-turn lanes at the intersections, wetland mitigation and storm water treatment facilities will also be included in the $3.9 million project. Lincoln Road will be reduced to one lane with safety flaggers between May and October.

The existing pipe running the length of the road is almost 35 years old and will be replaced with a smaller diameter pipe, Eisses explained. The smaller diameter will not reduce water available to any district customers in the area, he noted.

Eisses expects the district’s work to take about seven days, during which time the road will be reduced to one lane. For its portion of the work, the district will hire flaggers, who are paid between $25 and $30 per hour.

The district’s work could be completed while the county improves the road, saving money and reducing the time traffic is constricted, if Eisses gets a reasonable bid from whichever contractor the county ends up using. County public works staff offered to include the waterline work in their project costs, but Eisses said he declined because that might have lead to a higher price for the district.

The county could choose the lowest bidder for the road improvements, but not necessarily for the waterline work, Eisses explained.

The county will examine the bids it receives for the road work on April 12.