City reviews fireworks ordinance

Published on Wed, May 11, 2011 by Tara Nelson

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The city of Blaine is more lenient with its fireworks ordinance than the state of Washington allows, a recent review found.

During their regular meeting Monday, May 9, Blaine police chief Mike Haslip proposed reducing the window of time Blaine residents can be permitted to use personal fireworks and proposed eliminating fireworks on New Year’s Eve altogether.

The new rules would restrict the sale of fireworks between July 1 and 4, as opposed to June 28 through July 6 as currently allowed, and restrict the sales of fireworks during the days leading up to New Year’s Day. It would also increase the distance users must allow between gas stations and limit the number of fireworks stands from one per 1,000 to one per 2,000 people.

The proposed amendment would, however, reduce penalties for illegal discharge of fireworks from a jailable misdemeanor to a non-jailable misdemeanor and allow businesses and organizations other than non-profits and charitable organizations to sell fireworks, as previously allowed.

A public hearing on the amendment is scheduled for Monday, May 23. For more information, visit