BBWSD discusses Lincoln Road and Verizon cell tower

Published on Thu, Jun 16, 2011 by Jeremy Schwartz

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The Lincoln Road waterline replacement project is one step closer to approval, now that the Birch Bay Water and Sewer District’s (BBWSD) small projects bidding procedures are back in line with state law.

At its June 9 meeting, the district board of commissioners unanimously approved two changes to the district’s code that brought the small works roster and vendor lists up to date with state law.

District assistant manager Dan Eisses said these changes will allow the district to put the waterline replacement project out to bid through the small works process.

“I’m almost giving up on this project, but not yet,” Eisses said.

According to state law, local municipalities and districts can put projects costing $300,000 or less out to bid using their small works roster, which is a list of contractors the district has used in the past. These sorts of projects are submitted only to the contractors on the list, shortening the wait before the project can be started.

Local municipalities and districts adopt this procedure as part of their bidding processes, but BBWSD officials had not updated the district’s small works roster in a few years, Eisses said.

The outdated small works procedures would have prevented Eisses from putting the Lincoln Road waterline project out to bid.
The estimated price for the waterline replacement is approximately $200,000. The project, if the district board of commissioners approves, would replace the 35-year-old waterline running the length of Lincoln Road. The board of commissioners could have a bid to vote on as soon as its June 23 meeting.

In other BBWSD news, the board of commissioners unanimously approved an agreement with Verizon Wireless that would allow the cell phone company access to a piece of district property on Kickerville Road. Verizon wants to investigate the property, which currently holds a district water reservoir, as a possible site for a cell tower.

Verizon will have six months to access the site for surveys, soil strength analyses and subsurface soil tests. The property lies at the intersection of Kickerville Road and West 72nd Street, just south of Bay Road.

If Whatcom County Council approves the placement of the cell tower, Verizon would pay a five-year, $1,000-per-month lease to the district. Verizon has yet to submit any application to the county.