U.S. Border Patrol Report

Published on Wed, Jun 22, 2011
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June 11: Border Patrol agents arrested two Chinese citizens after they illegally entered the United States near the Peace Arch Park in Blaine. Both subjects were returned to Canada, where they are legal.

June 12: Border patrol agents arrested two citizens of Mexico and one citizen of Honduras in a taxi near Jones Road east of Sumas. All three subjects were illegally present in the United States and were processed for removal.

June 16: Border patrol agents arrested a citizen of El Salvador near Bender Road in Lynden. The subject had been previously ordered removed by an immigration judge. The subject was processed for removal.

The information listed is from arrests and seizures related to U.S. Border Patrol operations in the Blaine Sector area of operations. For security reasons, this may not be a complete list of enforcement actions.