Area resident reports nationwide phone scam

Published on Wed, Oct 5, 2011 by Jeremy Schwartz

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A phone scam that has struck numerous places across the country has recently been reported in Birch Bay.

A Birch Bay man, who preferred to be known only as R.J., said a man claiming to be from the “law and investigation department” left an abusive phone message saying R.J. was in danger of being arrested. The man who left the voicemail called himself David Martin. He said he had a warrant out for R.J.’s arrest in connection with a payday loan R.J. had recently applied for and was able to tell R.J. the last four digits of his social security number.

R.J. said Martin had a thick Indian or Pakistani accent and threatened R.J. with arrest multiple times. Martin said R.J. would “know what a nightmare is” and that he “should get the best lawyer God could provide” if R.J. didn’t pay back the money he owed.

“It’s practicably laughable, but that’s going to scare the hell out of somebody,” R.J. said. “They’re looking for money.”

R.J. said Martin had called him twice within a 20-minute period last Thursday. R.J.’s wife first picked up the phone and quickly hung up when the unfamiliar voice asked for her husband. Twenty minutes later, Martin left the threatening message.

The first call came from 630/332-0853, which is a Chicago area code, while the second came from 786/752-7174, which is in Florida. Internet searches of both these numbers found that West Virginia, Rhode Island, Colorado, Kansas and Florida all have consumer alerts warning of the scam.

R.J. called the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office to report the call, and he was advised to tell the scam callers if they called back that law enforcement had been notified. R.J. said the sheriff’s office had not heard any other complaints about this specific scam, as R.J. never had before “David Martin” called him.

“I haven’t heard of this one before,” R.J. said. “That’s why I called [the newspaper].”

If these scammers call anyone else, the recipients of the call are advised to contact the county sheriff’s office at 360/676-6911.