Voters give school bond thumbs-up

Published on Wed, Feb 22, 2012 by Pat Grubb

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Updated vote counts from the February 14 special schools election provided good news for the Blaine school district administration.

The percentage of voters in favor of the $3 million capital improvement bond increased from a cliff-hanging 60.25 percent on election night to 62.03 percent. The measure required a 60 percent super-majority to succeed.

The district’s regular maintenance and operations (M&O) levy also increased slightly to a 65.03 percent approval rating, far higher than the required simple majority. Now that the district has finished with their sighs of relief, their efforts turn to putting the bond proceeds to good use. School district superintendent Ron Spanjer said, “It is very exciting to now be in a position to get the Blaine High School work started.

The science facility upgrades, as well as the remodel of classrooms for two of our special education programs, are projected for completion for the start of the 2013-14 school year.” Spanjer added the district was committed to keeping the community informed of the progress of the work.

Breaking the results down to precinct level, some interesting trends show up. For the M&O levy, Point Roberts voted 62.7 percent in favor, Blaine voted 66.6 percent and Birch Bay voted 62.6 percent “Yes.” For the capital improvement bond, Point Roberts voted 58.0 percent “Yes,” Blaine voted 68.7 percent and Birch Bay voted 62.6 percent.

For the M&O levy, voters in Semiahmoo registered the lowest approval rate of any precinct at 59.3 while voters in northeast Blaine (Precinct 302) gave the highest approval at 70.6 percent. For the bond levy, Point Roberts voters gave the lowest approval rate at 58 percent while tiny Precinct 104 (138 voters) in Birch Bay gave the high five at 86.2 percent.

Out of 117,137 registered voters in the county, slightly over 43 percent, or 50,544, returned their mail-in ballots to the county. Another count will take place on Thursday, February 23.