Funeral service aims to offer complete care, fair prices

Published on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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The owners of Safe Harbor Funeral Service stand in their new facility at 2750D Peace Portal Drive in Blaine. From l.: Charles Usery, Scott Meaker and Jason Linde. Photo courtesy of Scott Meaker.

When Scott Meaker first started in the funeral business as a college student, he was a bit taken aback at the tactics some funeral homes used to sell services to clients.

He said he was particularly bothered by the practice of upselling, which meant encouraging clients to buy the most expensive casket or top of the line service. Determined to engage in fair practice, Meaker and two business partners recently opened Safe Harbor Funeral Service in Blaine.

Meaker, who lives in Blaine, said the goal behind Safe Harbor Funeral Service is to provide fairly priced funeral services for clients. Unlike most brick-and-mortar funeral homes, Meaker said Safe Harbor’s facilities do not include a chapel, which cuts down on cost to the client.

Safe Harbor has embalming facilities at their location on Peace Portal Drive, so the body of a client’s loved one is always in Safe Harbor’s care. Meaker and his partners decided on this route because transporting a body for embalming outside of the care of the actual funeral director can often be distasteful to family members.

“We handle all of that in-house,” Meaker said. “We don’t [subcontract] any of it.”

Safe Harbor also aims to achieve fairness in their prices and offers a complete funeral, including pick up, casket and funeral service, for $2,950. The average cost of a funeral today is close to $6,000, with most funeral homes charging between $3,000 and $15,000 for a casket alone.

“Our approach is offering full services without the upsell,” said Charles Usery, who, along with Meaker and Jason Linde, are the owners of Safe Harbor Funeral Service.

The Safe Harbor funeral facilities are in Blaine, but the company services all of Whatcom County. They also have offices in Ferndale and Bellingham.

For more information, contact Safe Harbor at 360/201-9860 or visit