$10,000 lottery ticket remains unclaimed in Blaine

Published on Wed, May 9, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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After a record-breaking state lottery jackpot was awarded last month, a lower-tier winning ticket still remains unclaimed in Blaine.

The $656 Mega Millions jackpot produced eight $250,000 and 21 $10,000 winners in Washington, according to officials with Washington’s Lottery. Three of the $10,000 winning tickets remain unclaimed in the state, and one of those tickets was sold in Blaine.

Winners have 180 days to claim their prize, state lottery communications director Arlen Harris said. If lottery winnings are not claimed after that time period, one-third of the money goes into the state’s economic development program while the remaining two-thirds is used for other lottery prizes. In this case, the owner has until September 23 to claim the winnings.

“With large jackpots we typically see winners take their time, about a week or two, to claim their prize,” Harris said. “The fact that we haven’t seen anyone in a month may mean they don’t know they have the winning ticket.”

State lottery officials know the establishment in Blaine where the ticket was bought but will not release the information for the safety of the business’s owners. Harris said lottery officials post notices of unclaimed prizes on the website for Washington’s Lottery and contact local media outlets to get the word out.

“We would rather see the money go to the people who win,” he said. “Check your glove box, check between the seats of the couch. Maybe there’s a winning lottery ticket there.”