WSDOT begins changes to NEXUS lanes

Published on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) crews have begun converting the D Street on-ramp at the truck route border crossing to a NEXUS-only lane.

Crews are installing pylons to separate the NEXUS-only lane from the regular lanes leading north from the D Street on-ramp, WSDOT spokesperson Dustin Terpening said. The pylons will prevent non-NEXUS holders from using the D Street on-ramp to access the regular lanes and cutting into traffic line-ups. Currently, NEXUS travelers often find the lane blocked while line-jumpers wait for a Good Samaritan to let them in.

The pylons will separate the NEXUS lane from regular access lanes from the north end of the D Street interchange all the way to the border but will not affect local access west or east on D Street, Terpening explained.

However, the pylons will prevent border-bound drivers turning north from D Street from accessing the general purpose crossing lanes. Similarly, NEXUS travelers driving north on the truck route will not be able to access the NEXUS lane from the regular lanes without first taking the D Street off-ramp and then continuing through the four-way stop to the D Street on-ramp.
Terpening expects the work will be completed by the weekend, depending on the weather.

Crews will also be repainting lane stripes closer to the border to line up with the Canadian border agency’s five new inspection booths.