Blaine School District to update bullying policy

Published on Wed, Jul 4, 2012 by Kelly Sullivan

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Blaine school district officials spoke extensively on a policy meant to update the district’s bullying policy at the Monday, June 25 Blaine school board meeting.

The policy requires a more comprehensive incident report, which will record more specific data and will include new language directed specifically at cyberbullying.

“This truly has been an evolving process as resources become available,” district superintendent Ron Spanjer said. District staff have consulted other school districts to make sure they are on the right track and getting ahead of cyberbullying, which may become a large problem in the future.

“The process of developing an effective policy toward bullying and harassment is ongoing,” Spanjer said. “Our goal is to get information to staff and students as soon as it becomes available.”

The district is placing emphasis on cyberbullying because so many students have increasing access to different technologies and social media. Eventually Spanjer hopes an advisory group can be formed with students, staff and parents to help monitor students’ use of the different social networks in hopes of minimizing incidents of bullying and harassment.

The policy is expected to pass after the second reading at the July school board meeting. Changes will continue to be made on how the school handles problems with bullying and harassment as more resources become available, Spanjer said.

For more information, visit the Blaine school district’s website at Click on School Board, then Board Docs for board meeting information.