County prosecutors say Blaine man injected teenager with meth

Published on Wed, Jul 4, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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A 21-year-old Blaine man has been charged with distributing methamphetamine (meth) to a minor after allegedly injecting a 16-year-old with the drug last month.

Daniel L. Svege has been charged with one count of distributing meth to a person younger than 18 years old, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in Whatcom County Superior Court. The charges allege that Svege injected a 16-year-old girl with meth in early June.

On June 9, Blaine police officers responded to the home of the girl who required transport to Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham. She told police Svege had injected her three times with methamphetamine. Officers observed needle marks on her arm, and the girl’s mother supported her story.

Officers went to Svege’s home  on June 14, where Svege signed a sworn statement confirming the girl’s story. Svege confirmed he and the girl visited a home in Birch Bay at about noon on June 6 to purchase meth.

Svege told police they spent most of June 6 together, smoking meth both in Birch Bay and near Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham. The pair then returned to the house in Birch Bay where they had made their purchase. Once at the house, Svege wanted to smoke more meth but could not find a pipe.

Svege instead found a used needle to inject himself. Svege said the girl was insistent that he “shoot her up” with meth, and Svege said he did so with the same syringe he had previously used.

After taking Svege’s sworn statement, Blaine police left without arresting him because they needed to investigate the case further, Blaine police spokesperson Lisa Moeller said.

The officers wanted to confirm the details in the sworn statement with the 16-year-old and confer with the Whatcom County Prosecutor’s Office on the case.

“They wanted to make sure they had everything they needed before moving forward,” Moeller said.

Whatcom County sheriff’s deputies established probable cause to arrest Svege on suspicion of the meth charges after he was charged with one count of retail theft with extenuating circumstances stemming from Svege allegedly stealing two DVD box sets from the Walmart in Bellingham on June 11.

He told police he stole the DVDs because he needed money to buy the drug Suboxone to treat his heroin habit.