Birch Bay volunteers clean up tons of fireworks debris after July 4 festivities

Published on Wed, Jul 11, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Dozens of Birch Bay residents and other volunteers turned out on July 5 to clean up piles of fireworks debris left over from the Fourth of July celebration.

Organizer Kathy Berg said volunteers cleaned up 2.4 tons of fireworks debris and other garbage. Last year, volunteers collected 2.7 tons of trash, which was enough to fill a garbage bin almost as long as a school bus.

Sanitary Services Company of Whatcom County donated the delivery, rental and hauling away of a large garbage bin for the day’s work.

Two of the county sheriff’s outdoor work crews provided help with litter collection, while the county’s solid waste division paid for the disposal of the collected trash.

Renee Horap and her husband Todd spent most of the day filling bag after bag with fireworks debris along Birch Bay Drive. She said they were glad to be out on such a beautiful day helping to clean up the bay.

“We set off fireworks, so now we’re out here cleaning up,” Renee said.