Candidates prepare for primary election

Published on Wed, Aug 1, 2012 by Anna Atkinson

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County, state and federal candidates are crossing their fingers as they wait for the upcoming primary election, which will take place on Tuesday, August 7. The two candidates for each position who receive the most votes will move on to the general election on November 6, regardless of party preference.

Whatcom County Auditor Debbie Adelstein said now is the time for voters to pay attention to the election.

“As in any primary election, this is the point when voter input is critical,” she said. “If you want to have a say in who makes it further, the primary is the time to do it.”

Ballots for the election must be postmarked by August 7 or submitted at a designated ballot drop site by 8 p.m. A ballot drop site is located at the Blaine Library on 610 3rd Street.

For those who didn’t register to vote, there is still time before the general election. Online or mail-in voter registration must be sent or postmarked by October 8. In-person registration must be done in the county auditor’s office by October 29.

For more information about the election, visit the county auditor's website or call 360/715-7474.

Here is a list of contested positions and candidates on the ballot. Following their names is their stated political preference.

Whatcom Superior Court Judge Position 2

Dave Grant
Deborra Garrett
Carrie M. Coppinger Carter

Washington State Governor

Rob Hill (Democrat)
Rob McKenna (Republican)
Jay Inslee (Democrat)
James White (Independent)
Christian Joubert (no party preference)
Shahram Hadian (Republican)
L. Dale Sorgen (Independent)
Max Sampson (Republican)
Javier O. Lopez (Republican)

Washington State Lt Governor

Glenn Anderson (Independent Republican)
Brad Owen (Democrat)
James Robert Deal (no party preference)
Bill Finkbeiner (Republican)
Dave Sumner IV (Neopopulist)
Mark Greene (Democracy Independent Party)

Washington State Secretary of State

Jim Kastama (Democrat)
David Anderson (no party preference)
Sam Wright (Human Rights)
Karen Murray (Constitution)
Kathleen Drew (Democrat)
Kim Wyman (Republican)
Greg Nickels (Democrat)

Washington State Auditor

Troy Kelley (Democrat)
James Watkins (Republican)
Mark Miloscia (Democrat)
Craig Pridemore (Democrat)

Washington State Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (Democrat)
Reagan Dunn (Republican)
Stephen Pidgeon (Republican)

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands

Stephen Sharon (no party preference)
Peter Goldmark (Democrat)
Clint Didier (Republican)

Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction

James Bauckman
Randy Dorn
Don Hansler
John Patterson Blair
Ronald (Ron) Higgins

Washington State Insurance Commissioner

John R. Adams (Republican)
Mike Kreidler (Democrat)
Scott Reilly (Republican)
Brian Berend (Independent)

Legislative District 42 State Representative Position 1

Natalie McClendon (Democrat)
Jason Overstreet (Republican)

Legislative District 42 State Representative Position 2

Matthew Krogh (Democrat)
Vincent Buys (Republican)

U.S. Senator

Michael Baumgartner (Republican)
Will Baker (Reform)
Chuck Jackson (Republican)
Timmy (Doc) Wilson (Democrat)
Art Coday (Republican)
Maria Cantwell (Democrat)
Glen (Stocky) Stockwell (Republican)
Mike the Mover (Republican)

Congressional District 1

U.S. Representative
John Koster (Republican)
Darcy Burner (Democrat)
Darshan Rauniyar (Democrat)
Laura Ruderman (Democrat)
Suzan DelBene (Democrat)
Steve Hobbs (Democrat)

Larry Ishmael (Independent)