Bank teller charged with theft

Published on Wed, Nov 7, 2012
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A Whatcom County bank teller was charged with six counts of first-degree theft for stealing nearly $153,000 from an elderly Blaine woman, most of which was spent in casinos. 

The teller, Lorraine Sterk, 55, was close with the elderly blind woman, and often visited her at home to pay bills for her and look after financial matters.

Initially Sterk would not admit to the crime, but when confronted by her victim’s confirmation of theft, she eventually admitted fault, going on to say that, “the accounts were all [in] her name too, so she thought as an owner she could legally take whatever she wanted.” 

In July, the elderly woman filed a civil lawsuit seeking all of her money back with interest. The case has not been resolved.
Sterk was a bank teller at the Blaine and Lynden branches of Washington Federal, formerly Horizon Bank.