Year in Review: Whatcom County Council

Published on Wed, Jan 2, 2013 by Barbara Brenner

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Hello Readers of The Northern Light!

I wish I could tell you that things are better but I don’t think they are. Although I really like most of those with whom I work, I still sometimes cause meetings to go on longer (called the “Brenner Factor”) and I still follow up with complaints to the state, and anyone else who will listen, when I think the county isn’t working for everyone.

I didn’t support the 2013-2014 budget that was just passed because I don’t believe Whatcom County did a good job of prioritizing our needs over our wants and we continue to have shrinking revenues, so it had to be done. 

I had many ideas, including consolidation of departments, which would keep our front line people serving the public, while reducing some of the management, but most of my amendments didn’t pass.

So, because I really can’t think of much good about government right now I will keep this short.

Instead I want to tell everyone thank you for re-electing me so I can continue to keep trying to reduce costs and improve services. I will leave you with something I heard a long time ago. 

A vision is not an event. It is a journey to the light and the answers. I am still on that journey and I look forward to working with many of you to get to the answers.

Happy New Year and, although I am not optimistic, I am hopeful!

Barbara Brenner 
Your Whatcom County 
Council Member