Lucky Leo loves the lottery

Published on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 by Ian Ferguson

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Longtime Blaine resident Leo Wegner won’t be complaining about going to the supermarket anytime soon. On February 15, he was surprised to find he had won $280,000 from a lottery ticket purchased earlier at the Blaine Cost Cutter. Cost Cutter manager Dean Priestman was in the store at the time, and said Wegner seemed stunned by the realization he’d won.

“He seemed to be in a bit of shock at first,” Priestman said, “He was showing the ticket to people in the store. He was very excited.”

Priestman said he believed it was the highest paying lottery ticket ever sold at the store.

The winning ticket was from Washington’s Lottery Hit 5 game. Wegner had around 15 tickets and was getting close to the bottom of the pile when he came across the winning ticket. He didn’t believe he’d won until he asked a clerk to confirm the winning numbers on her system, at which point he asked her to make a copy, then promptly got a ride from his nephew to the lottery office in Olympia to redeem the ticket.

According to a press release from Washington’s Lottery, Wegner played the lottery every day except Thursday and Sunday. He plans to move to eastern Washington with the winnings, buy land and build a home so his family can visit him.