Obama campaigners seek respect for volunteers

Published on Wed, Apr 3, 2013
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Sometimes things go wrong, even when you’re passionate about the end goal.

In their new book, Lessons from the Obama 2011 Grassroots Campaign, Birch Bay residents Al Krause and Ruth Higgins explore the mechanics of working with the 2011 Obama campaign and how it brought both satisfaction and disappointment to their personal lives. It chronicles the months spent working for Organizing For America and the miscommunications and trouble they had working as “cogs in the system.”

Their book details the cautions against poor treatment of unpaid workers in all organizations. Higgins and Krause write, “Volunteers should be treated as precious resources, not menial conscripts,” and advise that “respect for volunteers begets respect for leaders.”

Krause and Higgins are involved in political, community and environmental activism and their writing has appeared in local and national publications. 

Higgins and Krause will discuss their book on Sunday, April 14 at 4 p.m. in the Readings Gallery at Village Books located at 1200 11th Street in Bellingham.