Creative DIY for limited garden space

Published on Wed, May 29, 2013
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Sometimes small garden spaces force you to get creative with a DIY project. If that’s your situation, you may want to consider taking your garden to another dimension – the vertical one. 

There are lots of great websites that have DIY space-spaving projects. Janet McCall got her inspiration from Pinterest, and 
set to work on this planter. 

With a few pieces of lumber, a little sweat and the help of her two sons, she created a beautiful vertical garden in her backyard.

A rack of planters installed against a fence or wall allows you to take advantage of vertical space. It looks attractive, opens up space on the lawn and on top of that it’s easy to maintain.

Another creative solution for vertical gardening involves using gutters as planters. The long, narrow profile of gutters allows them to be stacked about a foot apart while still getting enough sunlight. Mavis Butterfield, in her popular blog “One Hundred Dollars a Month,” describes how to use them in backyard greenhouses, but they can also be used outside on a homemade rack. Be sure to line the bottom of the gutters with a quarter inch of pebbles or gravel for drainage, and use potting soil on top of that. According to Butterfield, strawberries grow very well in gutters.

Do you have creative ideas for backyard gardening? 

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