Motorists need to 'pack their patience' for I-5 detours

Published on Wed, May 29, 2013
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The Washington State Patrol has increased its presence on the I-5 corridor detours around the I-5 Skagit River bridge collapse over the last few week. 

In response to impatient drivers who are blocking intersections and running red lights, troopers have been stationed at the main intersections of College Way and Riverside Drive in Mount Vernon as well as George Hopper Road and Burlington Boulevard in Burlington to monitor traffic.

Troopers have been diligently clearing the intersections once obstructions occur and have been issuing motorists verbal warnings not to block or obstruct these intersections, but local police departments are still receiving numerous complaints about commercial vehicles, motorists and vehicles towing trailers blocking intersections when traffic lights turn red, according to Washington State Patrol.

Drivers are advised to plan for extra time on their commutes and to obey traffic signals to avoid blocking intersections.

Motorists running red lights and blocking intersections run the risk of receiving a $124 infraction.

While the detours are an inconvenience for motorists, the routes need to remain as safe as possible, so pack your patience and wait your turn while detours are in place.