Pro choreographer endorses Birch Bay Activity Center

Published on Wed, Jul 24, 2013
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Vincent Paterson, who has collaborated with Michael Jackson and Madonna on various projects and won numerous awards for his work, said he was impressed with the Zumba program at the Birch Bay Activity Center.

Paterson’s sister, Leslie Kaeufer, is a Birch Bay resident and regular Zumba participant. She invited him to join the class 
when he visited Birch Bay.

“There were 50 people here and I thought, wow, this is phenomenal,” Paterson said. “I have to applaud Brenda. She has so much energy, and drawing people together in such a healthy, joyful activity is something that’s important for a community. You see people staying fit together, and afterwards they’re hanging out and talking with ear-to-ear grins. What could be better than that?”

Northwest Park and Recreation District 2 faces closure unless a levy is passed in November. Paterson said he wanted to encourage people to support all the district has to offer.

“It would be a shame to lose something like this,” he said.