BP Heron Educational Center begins to take shape

Published on Wed, Oct 30, 2013 by Brandy Kiger Shreve

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Dreams are being made into reality in Birch Bay State Park as work progresses on the BP Heron Center for Environmental 

The 2,400 square foot picnic shelter and building has been framed up, but there’s still work to be done before the rains come, and contractor Jim Maushak of True Log Homes, the general contractor for the job, is hoping that many hands will make light the load. 

“We’ve got to get it weather-tight as soon as possible,” Maushak said. “The trusses came in on Wednesday and now we have
 to start the roof sheeting, so we need volunteer carpenters and assistants to help with that and installing the metal roof.” 

Once the building has been fully enclosed, crews will begin working on the inside. “We’ll need volunteers for that as well,” Maushak said. “Particularly drywall installers and trim carpenters.” 

Construction for the center’s log cabin started in early October and the project is expected to be completed by spring or summer 2014. Exterior work should be completed by the end of November, depending on the weather. “It’s coming together nicely,” said Jon Gunderson of True Log Homes.  

The project was envisioned by the Friends of Birch Bay State Park and is being paid for with private donations from the community, and the site was dedicated on April 20. 

The log cabin-style building will serve as an interpretive center, with space for use as an environmental classroom and meeting space, and an outdoor roofed section for picnicking. 

The building, while primarily intended as a classroom for environmental and ecological interpretation, will also be available for rent for group events.

The largest donations came from BP Cherry Point Refinery and Alcoa Intalco Works, which donated $105,000 and $25,000 respectively.

For more information on how you can help see this project to fruition, call Maushak at 360/739-1313 or Gene Quinn, head volunteer, at 360/920-6689.