Birch Bay Visitors Center

Published on Wed, Jan 8, 2014 by Dave Hiller, Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce board of directors president

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The Visitor Information Center (VIC) on Birch Bay Drive has the most amazing view of Birch Bay. At any time of day, but particularly during sunsets, the vistas are beyond imagination. The small building is located on the waterfront of Birch Bay Drive. There is a large window and an area map. The bay, birdlife and islands beyond are visible for anyone stopping by to get information about the area and take a rest from their walk or bike ride. There are many area brochures regarding businesses and places of interest as well as maps.

This past summer, the VIC received up to 40 visitor groups signing in on some days – visitors from New Zealand, Europe, China and elsewhere not to mention many various states and provinces around the U.S. and Canada. 

Fifteen very dedicated volunteers put in amazing hours to keep the VIC open for up to 12 hours a day this summer. The VIC was headed up by Joyce Dippold and Jean Shea, both of whom have served tirelessly in several capacities to keep the VIC open and functioning with a wide variety of duties. 

Keeping this important service open to the public is of vital interest to our community. Membership dues from the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce keep this service open. Coming up in 2014 we have plans to expand some of the winter hours as well as keep the summer hours in place.  

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce expresses gratitude for the many hours put in by its VIC volunteers in 2013.