Blaine School District

Published on Wed, Jan 8, 2014 by Ron Spanjer, Blaine school district superintendent

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As the 2013 calendar year drew to a close in the Blaine school district, there was much to celebrate with respect to the overall accomplishments of staff and students.

Academic achievement measures indicate that students at the high school level, having realized up to 13 years of education in our system, are performing very competitively in comparison to their peers in neighboring school districts. In 2013, Blaine High School 10th graders demonstrated attainment of standards, as measured by state assessments, at a rate of 91 percent in reading, 92 percent in writing, 86 percent in algebra, 96 percent in geometry, and 90 percent in biology. With respect to algebra and geometry, this number represents the percentage of students passing out of those who have attempted the tests to date. The new testing guidelines allow for students to attempt the math assessment as early as grade eight, if they have completed the algebra course. Students are performing strongly at Blaine High School and we have the entire K-12 staff to credit for their overall academic success.

Passage of the $3 million Capital Projects Bond in February of 2012 allowed for the completion of the new science facility at Blaine High School this fall. Students in grades 9–12 are now realizing an opportunity to be educated in classrooms with dedicated lab space, whereas previously a common lab area had to be shared. Staff and students are very excited about the enhanced learning opportunities being offered through this resource. We remain highly grateful for the support of the overall community in assuring that this goal became a reality for science education in Blaine.

As we move into 2014, schools across the state of Washington are being mandated to embrace higher academic standards at all grade levels, while also transitioning to a new state-mandated system of testing student achievement levels. In addition, we are in the process of implementing a more comprehensive performance evaluation system for teachers and principals. The list of new requirements remains extensive and complex. We are confident that our staff will meet these challenges, and that the result will be a higher level of overall success for all students.

The student activity calendar, which can be found on the Blaine school district website, presents multiple opportunities for our community members to connect to their schools. We would hope that, in the weeks and months ahead, you would find an opportunity to attend one or more events that showcase the hard work and talents of students in each of our schools. Thank you for your continued involvement and support. We are proud to be an active part of making a positive difference for all students.