Students show off their skills at technology conference

Published on Wed, Apr 9, 2014 by Staff

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Blaine High School students finished strong in what turned out to be the largest Washington Technology Student Association conference in the history of the organization. More than 600 participants from 44 schools showed up for the conference and competed in the competition.

The 57 middle and high school level events covered a wide variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects such as engineering, robotics, video game design, and leadership, and the three-day event gave students opportunities to network with industry professionals as well as explore education opportunities at the WTSA Education Fair.

Nine Blaine students attended the conference.

Attendees were also able to work with Microsoft professionals and learn to develop apps through a hands-on workshop. Blaine students were awarded as follows:

1st Place
Animatronics: Jesse Bartlett, Brayden Giffen, Alex Tersakian and Joey Winkler
On-Demand Video: Jesse Bartlett, Brayden Giffen, Matt Kelly, Aaron Shaw, Alex Tersakian and Joey Winkler

2nd Place
SciVis: Alex Tersakian and Joey Winkler

3rd Place
CNC Production: Jesse Bartlett, Brayden Giffen, Matt Kelly, Alex Tersakian and Jonathan Young
Technology Bowl: Greg Arps, Brayden Giffen and Alex Tersakian

4th Place
Computer-Aided Design 3D Engineering: Jesse Bartlett

5th Place
Music Production: Greg Arps and Matt Kelly

Technology Problem Solving: Cameron Johnson and Jonathan Young

Blaine junior Brayden Giffen was elected to state office, joining five other students from around the state to lead WTSA over the next school year.