Evening of the Arts 2014 Winners

Published on Wed, Jun 11, 2014
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Art Show Awards

Drawing/Portraits: 1st -  Coral Nunaz; 2nd -  Christian Sharp; 3rd -  Natasha Hansen

Drawing/Graphite: 1st - Rebecca Stephens; 2nd -  Kyria Taylor; 3rd -  Morgan Hansen

Drawing/Pen and Ink: 1st -  Lila Faulhaber; 2nd -  Madison Wheeler; 3rd -  Kyle Brady

Drawing/Still Life: 1st -  Delany Nelson; 2nd -  Steven Craft ; 3rd -   Kristian Henderson

Drawing/Charcoal: 1st -  Kryria Taylor; 2nd -  Kayla Greathouse; 3rd -  Brandon Potts

Painting: 1st -  Natasha Hansen; 2nd -  Lauren Hood; 3rd -  Kianne Hobbs

Printmaking: 1st -  Holly Gamble; 2nd -  Sean Coleman; 3rd -  Kaitlyn Schoen

Ceramic/Sculpture: 1st -  Christian Sharp; 2nd -  Alex Gehringer; 3rd -  Steven Magellon

Ceramic/Pottery: 1st -  Rebecca Stephens -  2nd -  Hanna Kiele; 3rd Samuel Welch

Ceramics/Glazing: 1st -  Mikayla Roberts; 2nd -  Alexis Light; 3rd -  Rachel Letherby

Ceramics/Raku: 1st -  Allie Schnabel; 2nd -  Steven Magellon; 3rd -  Devin Salmonson

Juror’s Choice:

June Martsolf: Lila Faulhaber - “Chris”

Jano Argue: Alexander Tersakian -  “Old Eyes”

Donna Charbonneau: Alex Gehringer -  “Most of Me”

Senior Displays: 1st -  Galen Robinson; 2nd -  Tianna Bernd; 3rd -  Kayla Dhanani

Best of Show (Jurors Vote): Lila Faulhaber -  “Desert Treasure”

Teacher’s Choice: Natalie Ingham -  “George”

Blaine Fine Arts Association: Natasha Hanson

Theater Awards

Most Inspirational (Student Vote): Natasha Hansen

The BHS/BMS combined musical was awarded honorable mention by he Seattle 5th Avenue Theater for “Outstanding performance by a chorus” for our work in “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” Kini Stewart was awarded honorable mention in “Outstanding Actress in a supportive role” for her performance as Iago in the same show. 

Kini Stewart -  Alex Gehringer -  Cassie Givens and Nathan Smith were chosen to represent Blaine High School in the opening ceremony at the 5th Avenue Awards Night at 7 p.m. on June 9 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.

Earning their 4th Year BHS Theater Arts Letter: Galen Robinson

3rd Years: Tommy Loleas -  Bethany Wahlquist -  Bri Covell -  Alex Gehringer -  Kini Stewart -  Kayla Wilson-Potter

2nd Years: Cassie Givens -  Nathan Smith -  TJ Erickson -  Izaya Taylor

1st Year: Jennet Kaya -  Madisen Froneberger

Band Awards:

Jazz Band: Director’s Award -  Riley Edmonds; Outstanding Soloist: Devan Boucher

Concert Band: Director’s Award -  Alex Szabo; Inspirational Award -  Sawyere Hendricks
Wind Ensemble: Director’s Award -  Chad Reimer; Inspirational Award -  Gage Allen; Outstanding Seniors -  Lily Olason and Gage Allen

Choir Awards

Chamber Choir: Most inspirational -  Veronica Hughes; Outstanding Male Soloist -  Nathan Smith; Outstanding Female Soloist -  Selena Rogers-Pai; Director’s Award -  Emmy Johnson 

Concert Choir: Most Inspirational -  Alexis McElwain; Outstanding Female Soloist -  Nikki Young; Director’s Award -  Irena Ageyev