GPT proposes new design with reduced environmental impact

Published on Wed, Jul 30, 2014
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Representatives for the Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT) project proposed a more environmentally friendly design for the cargo facility on July 16, which they hope will reduce the impact to the wetlands of Cherry Point by nearly 50 percent.  

The controversial project, financed by SSA Marine, has been a point of contention in Whatcom County since the terminal was first proposed in 2011. The impact the coal terminal would have on the environment has been one of the biggest issues detractors have had with the facility, which will take up 1,500 acres of land at Cherry Point. 

“By putting forth this alternative site layout, [we are] making good on what we have said from the beginning – we are committed to protecting the environment and abiding by our state’s strict environmental standards,” said Bob Watters, senior vice president of SSA Marine, in a press release.