Photo of the Week

Greg from Blaine took his Chihuahua, Cruise, for a walk on Marine Drive while exercising his second amendment right to carry his AR-15 rifle. He shared his thoughts on gun safety before heading to the Custer Sportsmen’s Club to try out his newly purchased AR-15, which he bought at Wal-Mart.“I always point my barrel at the ground, and my gun is unloaded when I’m in public,” Greg said. “I don’t have a problem with background checks, to a point, but I think a more helpful thing would be to require anyone buying a gun to join a gun club or take a gun safety course.” He added that gun clubs have a social benefit as well.“If a kid involved in a shooting had an outlet where he could share his love of guns in a healthy, responsible way, and make friends in the process, maybe that shooting could have been avoided.”

Photo by Ian Ferguson