Police Report -- February 08, 2001

Published on Thu, Feb 8, 2001
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February 4: An individual at the Peace Arch POE reported a person driving on a suspended license. The person was contacted and it was determined that his license was DWLS/R 3rd degree for an unpaid ticket. He was cited, released, and the vehicle was impounded.
February 4: An individual at the Peace Arch POE reported a person in possession of a fraudulent out of state driver’s license. The person was in possession of a fake Texas driver’s license. The license was impounded, and the person will be cited by summons for the offense.
February 4: Four restaurant patrons reported they were offended by an intoxicated man who made lewd remarks and exposed himself in the 200 block of D Street. A Blaine officer arrested the man and cited him to Blaine municipal court.
February 3: A cabbie reported that a person he was supposed to pick up in the 200 block of D Street became angry and ran away, screaming threats to the cabbie. The person was upset over the proposed fare.
February 3: An officer contacted three 13-year-old boys who were out without supervision at 0255 hours. The children were driven home and their parents were notified.
February 3: An immigration officer contacted a motorist with no I.D. and switched plates. A Blaine officer investigated the incident and prepared five traffic infractions for the city attorney’s review.
February 3: Officers arrested an individual for possession of marijuana at the Peace Arch POE. The subject was given a court date and released to U.S. Immigration.
February 3: An officer received a call from Child Protective Services advising of an infant with severe head injuries. The mother of the infant resides in Blaine. The incident occurred at a relative’s home in Birch Bay. A report was taken for information only.
February 2: An individual reported a Rottweiler puppy running at large in and out of local businesses. The doggie was taken into custody and turned over to the Whatcom Humane Society.
February 2: A citizen asked police to help her get some personal items from her house in the 1600 block of Runge Ave. She has a no contact order in effect and could not go home, because the protected party was there. Officers assisted her in getting her clothes.
February 2:
A U.S. Immigration inspector intercepted an impaired driver at the Peace Arch POE. A Blaine officer investigated the incident, arrested the driver, and cited him to Blaine municipal court for DUI. The vehicle was impounded.
February 1: A resident in the 100 block of B Street requested police check her parent’s house, where she also lives. The resident was out after her curfew, and her parents would not answer the door. Officers checked the residence. Everything was OK. No crime.
February 1: A vehicle and two Bellingham residents were contacted in the 1700 block of H Street on suspicious circumstances. Drug growing equipment was located in the vehicle. The equipment was abandoned and an investigation is continuing.
February 1: A complainant reported a student had just driven out of the high school’s rear parking lot in a very reckless manner while other students were loading the school buses. An officer located and arrested the driver.
February 1: An officer contacted a citizen in the 200 block of Marine Drive who had obviously been involved in a fight and was displaying visible facial injuries. The victim did not wish police assistance in the matter. No suspect in the case.