Police Report -- March 01, 2001

Published on Thu, Mar 1, 2001
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February 25: A citizen in the 500 block of D Street asked police to remove a transient residing on the complainant’s property without permission. The male transient complained of chest pains and limb numbness. The transient was transported by medics to the hospital.
February 25: Fish and Wildlife requested an officer check on people crabbing out of season on a local pier. An officer contacted two groups of crabbers and had them remove pots from the water. No citations were issued. The people were advised of fish laws.
February 25: A person about 17 – 19-years-old took two cases of beer and left some money for the clerk as he hurried out to a vehicle in the 200 block of D Street. No license plate number was obtained by the business.
February 24: Officers were dispatched to an incident of eggs thrown at a house in the 600 block of 11th Street. Officers located the four juvenile males several minutes after the incident when the car they were in went into a ditch. The case was forwarded to the prosecutor for review.
February 24: Officers were dispatched to a vehicle/deer accident in the 3400 block of H Street. On arrival, officers had to dispatch the badly injured deer. Information was taken for insurance purposes.
February 23: A citizen in the 1000 block of Adelia Street requested extra patrol after she had seen and heard neighbor kids waving with one finger and cussing each other out. Extra patrol was provided.
February 23: A report of a Roto-Rooter vehicle illegally parked halfway in a fire zone and halfway in a handicap parking space in the 1700 block of H Street. Supposedly this is an on-going occurrence. The vehicle was gone when an officer arrived in the area.
February 21: A person in the 600 block of B Street reported that someone was shining a laser light on their daughter’s head through their front window. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area.
February 21: While on a routine traffic stop in the 400 block of H Street an officer was harassed by a local juvenile. The juvenile was warned to leave or she would be arrested. The juvenile left the area.
February 20: Two individuals reported a subject harassing them at their place of employment. Officers warned the subject about the consequence of continuing the activity.
February 20: A citizen reported juveniles riding skateboards on the H Street hill. The juveniles presented a danger to traffic and themselves. An officer responded immediately but the juveniles were gone.
February 20: An officer assisted a person who had her backpack thrown over a fence. The property was retrieved.
February 19: Person(s) unknown broke into the Ken Waters Gym and rummaged through the dirty clothing that was stored in the locker rooms. They also tried to break into the bathroom in another building, but were deterred by the lock.
February 18: An officer contacted local residents walking in the rain at 1:30 a.m. and gave them a ride home.
February 17: A person reported a dispute with a landlord which led to his hotel room being rented to another party before he was done with the room. Officers kept the peace while personal items were removed.
February 17: An officer observed a man who had fallen from a bicycle and was down in the middle of the roadway. The man was intoxicated and was not injured. The man declined medical treatment and was driven home.

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